brake1 [brāk]
[ME; prob. taken as sing. of BRACKEN]
any of a genus (Pteris) of coarse tropical ferns (family Polypodiaceae) used commonly as a houseplant: see BRACKEN
brake2 [brāk]
[ME < MLowG brake or ODu braeke, flax brake < breken, to break; senses 2-6 variously infl. by OFr brac (form of bras, an arm) & BREAK]
1. a toothed implement for beating or crushing flax or hemp so that the fiber can be separated
2. a heavy harrow for breaking up clods of earth
3. a handle or lever on a machine [a pump brake]
4. a machine for turning or bending the edges of sheet metal
a) any device for slowing or stopping the motion of a vehicle or machine, as by causing a block, shoe, or band to press against a moving part
b) anything that slows down or stops motion or progress
6. Obs. the rack, former instrument of torture
braked, braking
1. to break up (flax, clods of earth, etc.) into smaller pieces
2. to slow down or stop with or as with a brake
1. to operate a brake or brakes
2. to be slowed down or stopped by a brake
brake3 [brāk]
[< or akin to MLowG brake, stumps, broken branches, akin to OE brecan, to BREAK]
a clump or area of brushwood, briers, etc.; thicket
brake4 [brāk]
vt., vi.
archaic pt. of BREAK

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